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The Bighorn National Forest covers over a million acres of spectacular tree covered mountains and beautiful open park meadows that provide endless opportunities for year-round adventure!


The majestic Bighorn Mountains are filled with wonders and sights to behold during the summer months including waterfalls, endless fields of vibrant wildflowers, breathtaking landscapes, and diverse wildlife.
Rent one of our new Polaris UTVs, or bring your own, to explore the hundreds of miles of trails and forest roads deep in Bighorn National Forest.  
Immerse yourself in nature through activities like hiking, fishing, camping, rock climbing, horseback riding, bird watching, and wildlife photography.
Elk View Inn Polaris UTV Rentals

Elk View Inn has an exciting line of Polaris UTV rentals that make it easy to enjoy all that the northern Bighorn Mountains have to offer. Ride from your room, get off the highway, and see what you've been missing on one of our Side by Sides!
Elk View Inn Polaris Slingshot Rentals

Experience the beautiful Bighorn Mountains in one of our new Polaris Slingshot rentals! Cruise one of the Bighorn Mountains' three Scenic Byways and enjoy the majestic views and wonders along the way!
ORV Riding in the Northern Bighorn Mountains

Whether you're in a UTV, on an ATV or dirt bike, or are driving your 4-wheel drive vehicle, exploring the Bighorns off-road is lots of fun! Visit the WY State Parks, Historic Sites, and Trails website below for all the ORV information you need including a link to the Bighorn ORV Map.
Hiking in Bighorn National Forest

Enjoy the incredible hiking opportunities in the Bighorn Mountains. Some of the best day hikes include Steamboat Point, Sibley Lake, Black Mountain Lookout, Porcupine Falls, Paradise Falls, and Bucking Mule Falls. Cloud Peak Wilderness is also a popular hiking area for more experienced hikers.
Fishing in The northern Bighorn Mountains

The northern Bighorn Mountains offer some of the best blue-ribbon fishing in Wyoming. Beautiful alpine streams and lakes in the Bighorn National Forest are just a short drive from Elk View Inn. Waters in the area support healthy populations of brook, brown, rainbow, cutthroat and even grayling trout.
Shell Falls

Shell Falls is an easily accessible waterfall in the Bighorn National Forest on Shell Creek, about halfway down Shell Canyon, and a few miles upstream from the town of Shell in northeast Wyoming. The falls are 120 feet in height and tumble over basement rock of granite.
Medicine Wheel/Medicine Mountain National Historic Landmark

Around 25 miles from Elk View Inn, the Medicine Wheel/Medicine Mountain National Park is where ancient Native Americans would perform spiritual tribal ceremonies and activities which still continue on today. Although coated with heavy snow for most of the year, the stone structure reveals itself during the summer months and displays the beautiful, mysterious pattern of the stones. At an elevation of 9,640 feet, the three-mile round trip walk also offers scenic views along the way.
Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Only a little over an hour's drive from Elk View Inn, the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area is alive with geological, cultural, historic, and scenic wonders.
Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Range

In September of 1968 the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range became the first federally protected public wild horse range in the United States. Through the years, the Pryor horses have gained an extraordinary national and international popularity.
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